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The Creative Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum is the chosen curricula for our infant, toddlers, two's, and our preschoolers. The Creative Curriculum is founded upon principles of the North Carolina Foundations for Early Learning and the North Carolina Public Instruction for Kindergarteners. The curriculum allows early educators to thoughtfully observe children and use what they learn to respond to their interests and needs. The Curriculum highlights research and theory based in brain development and the individualization of the child.

We also believe that the curriculum identifies goals in all areas of development: Social, Emotional, Cognitive, and Physical.

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Family Involvement

Parent and guardians are our partners. They are always welcomed into the classroom and on special field trips. Monthly parent meetings workshops are designed to assist parents in teacher/ child interactions, discipline, and literacy experiences. Family activities are offered throughout the year.

Community Involvement

We teach our children and staff to be involved with what's happening in our community. We have canned good and imperishable drives donated to the community food bank. As well as other service projects and events. Our local churches and child care organizations serve as an outreach to our families.

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